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Cardio / Right at the heart of your fitness training

Start a walking routine instead. Researchers found that overweight women who did 45-minute speed-interval walking workouts and toning exercises four times a week lost 23 pounds in 16 weeks. "The key is to perfect your form, so that walking feels good and doesn't become boring over time," says Danny Dreyer, the creator of the Chi Walking technique. Fast-track your fat burning while you walk with these easy tweaks.

  • Hinge slightly forward from your hips, not your waist, and you'll engage your core. The payoff is a stronger midsection, which will prevent aches in your back and hips.

    • Strength 75%
    • Aerobic 100%
    • Resistance 50%
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Boxing / Flex up with cable training

Frampton is closing in on a shot at Kiko Martinez's IBF super-bantamweight title and hopes to become the number one contender by beating Frenchman Jeremy Parodi tomorrow night at Belfast's Odyssey Arena.

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